Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Never a wasted day

I was up early to clean up..had a friend over for the day..funny thing..we never spent much time in the house..she likes to garden like I we spent the day first digging through her yard..I got some new plant starts..then coming here..had a great lunch outside..then shared some wonderful cheesecake I had "hidden" in the frig.  At first I felt like I was wasting the day away...BUT...a day spent sharing laughter & sunshine with a friend is a day of wonderful memories.  So what if the laundry didnt get folded or the errand list has doubled.  Sometimes we just need to sit..literally smell the flowers..share a secret..(cheesecake).. friendship is precious..and we dont know until its gone by the wayside just how preciuos.  Just like the plants I love to nurture, so must I do the same with my friends.  I love you one & all.

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