Thursday, October 22, 2009

This is my God dog, Weiner.  My Son is in the Navy & we watch her when he is gone on deployment.  We have had her for almost a year.  He is home now & coming to get her at Thanksgiving..if not sooner once he see's this picture!!
So while he was oversea's I would dress her up & send him pictures of her..Christmas..Mardi Gras..Valentines day..even. St. Patricks day & Easter.  So I saw this bee costume in a local pet store & I had to have it.  My hubby was with me..he knew once I saw it I would want it..he said"NOO!!'. Now he doesnt tell me no often, so its somewhat of a foreign word to  Obviously I dont know the meaning cuz I went the next day & got the costume!!  .  She is not happy..not hurting..and definitely has the Queen Bee attitude.  My friend said I need to make this my ETSY shops avatar..Im working on that!!  Have a larger costume for my daschund..Kiwi..we'll see how that dress rehearsal goes..

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Never a wasted day

I was up early to clean up..had a friend over for the day..funny thing..we never spent much time in the house..she likes to garden like I we spent the day first digging through her yard..I got some new plant starts..then coming here..had a great lunch outside..then shared some wonderful cheesecake I had "hidden" in the frig.  At first I felt like I was wasting the day away...BUT...a day spent sharing laughter & sunshine with a friend is a day of wonderful memories.  So what if the laundry didnt get folded or the errand list has doubled.  Sometimes we just need to sit..literally smell the flowers..share a secret..(cheesecake).. friendship is precious..and we dont know until its gone by the wayside just how preciuos.  Just like the plants I love to nurture, so must I do the same with my friends.  I love you one & all.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Want to see what this blogging is all about???

I have spent the afternoon with my friend Kathy.  She has been telling me I need to do a blog...I like to write.  So here I am. 
I am plenty nine years old..been married for 20 years..Have 4 boys  all grown & on their own.  I recently quit my job managing a marina here in Louisiana.  We had our first Grandchild..a May of this year.  I want to be an available Grammi...:)But I also like to keep busy..have a project going..besides housework 7 yardwork.  Again, my friend Kathy kept telling me about this ETSY site..she has had shops there for 2 years.  So now I also am making handmade inspirational items with a recovery based theme.  I have been a friend of Bill W. for 6 years.  I also have found that I love to sit a make jewelry.  So..please follow me as we go down this road together..As my friends say..theres never a dull moment at my house..oh yeah I almost forgot.  I have 4 dogs..3 mini daschunds & 1 Lhasa Yorkie mix..they are my spoiled rotten "kids"'ll here of their antics on here too..look forward to following you as well. Together lets be..Happy, Joyous & Free!!