Thursday, October 22, 2009

This is my God dog, Weiner.  My Son is in the Navy & we watch her when he is gone on deployment.  We have had her for almost a year.  He is home now & coming to get her at Thanksgiving..if not sooner once he see's this picture!!
So while he was oversea's I would dress her up & send him pictures of her..Christmas..Mardi Gras..Valentines day..even. St. Patricks day & Easter.  So I saw this bee costume in a local pet store & I had to have it.  My hubby was with me..he knew once I saw it I would want it..he said"NOO!!'. Now he doesnt tell me no often, so its somewhat of a foreign word to  Obviously I dont know the meaning cuz I went the next day & got the costume!!  .  She is not happy..not hurting..and definitely has the Queen Bee attitude.  My friend said I need to make this my ETSY shops avatar..Im working on that!!  Have a larger costume for my daschund..Kiwi..we'll see how that dress rehearsal goes..

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